fantasy challenge

2nd round

1st leg 2nd leg
home aggregate away gw 23 gw 23 gw 24 gw 24 penalties

3rd round

1st leg 2nd leg
home aggregate away gw 27 gw 27 gw 28 gw 28 penalties

quarter finals

1st leg 2nd leg
home aggregate away gw 31 gw 31 gw 32 gw 32 penalties

semi finals

1st leg 2nd leg
home aggregate away gw 35 gw 35 gw 36 gw 36 penalties


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champions league information

a cup competition based on the real life champions league with 96 managers competing for what is now considered the most prized cup competition in fantasy challenge.


season 2004-2005 saw the formation of the champions league. a competition consisting of a group stage, round robin tournament, and a knock-out stage based on the real life champions league. in that first season managers were drawn out of a hat and placed into groups. the champions league was the second cup competition introduced in the fc world. in subsequent seasons managers are seeded by where they finish in the super20 leagues.

competition format


the champions league competition is limited to 96 entrants, with managers qualifying from their position from the previous seasons super20 leagues premier, championship, league one, league two and the top 15 managers from the conference alongside the pyramid premier champion.


managers are placed into seeding pots, 6 pots containing 16 managers. seedings are determined by the position a manager finished in last seasonss super20 leagues. the managers finishing 1st to 15th in last season premier league, alongside the championship winner, go into pot a. this process goes on down the leagues with promoted managers being placed higher than relegated managers.

group stage

the champions league begins with the group stage of 96 managers divided into 16 groups of 6. seeding is used whilst making the draw for this stage. each manager plays the others in his/her group twice in a round-robin format. the manager scoring the most points in that gameweek claims the victory. managers receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. no points are awarded for a loss. managers are ranked by total points, then point difference and then points for. the manager with the most points is crowned group winner.

the winning manager and runner-up from each group then progress to the knock-out phase. the 3rd placed manager enters the new life cup (see the new life cup for information).

knock out stage

for this stage the winning manager from one group plays against the runners-up from another group. from the 3rd Round onwards, the draw is entirely random. the competition uses the away points rule: if the aggregate score of the two games is tied, then the manager who scored more points in their away match advances.

prize money

runners up70
semi finalists30