fantasy challenge

what is fantasy challenge?

fantasy challenge sets itself apart from normal fantasy football games by making life a little more interesting and a bit more personal with managers (players) not only competing in the usual fantasy league where the most points gained over the season wins the league Managers, in fantasy challenge a manager takes part in several competitions most of which are head to head.

the main fantasy challenge competition is the super twenty where managers are divided into leagues (usually of 20 managers) where a fixture list is drawn up with each manager playing each other twice home and away in the course of the season. as in real football points are awarded for winning and drawing. also in super twenty we have promotion and relegation so you should always have something to play for throughout the season.

as well as the exciting super twenty game there are two cup competitions. the fc cup which is a straight forward knock-out competition then we have the champions league which follows a similar format to the real competition with the first round being a group phase then the subsequent knock-out phase being played over two legs until the final. depending on how many players in a game there may well be a pyramid cup competition for the lower league managers who will enter this competition rather than the champions league. the pyramid cup follows the same format as the champions league.

click on the above menu to see how the competitions look if you were playing the game and a brief description of each at the bottom of the screen.

how did fantasy challenge start?

fantasy challenge started out in 2002 as a game to raise funds for a sunday football team called lokomotiv londres it was the brainchild of former lokomotiv manager paul richardson.

players friends and families were asked to join the fantasy football league free of charge on the bbc website but pay £10 to join the lokomotiv league to help raise funds for the sunday team who were going to host the annual old boys railway tournament in 2004 in london with 7 teams from europe attending alongside lokomotiv.

it was not an amazing success with just 14 players signing up for the first season. the competition was held once again in the season of 2003-2004 once again the bbc website was used and the field increased by 2 players to 16. a cup competition was introduced as well that season.