fantasy challenge

"Going head to head every week for less than 1, with a 25% chance of winning Prize Money, you tell me if you can find a better Fantasy Game?"

paul richardson, founder of fantasy challenge

SEASON 2023-2024


Updated Monday 20th May 2024

fantasy challenge has 4 competitions for you to take part in:

super20 leagues

you will be entered into a division, generally with 19 other managers, and you will play each manager twice a season with 3 points being awarded for victory as in real life football. the top 5 in each division are promoted the bottom 5 are relegated this competition has been going for 7 Seasons

overall league

normal fantasy game where the most points accumulated over the season wins the league

fc cup

a straightforward knock out competition, all managers name go into the hat and if you win your match you are through to the next round, like the fa cup

champions league / pyramid cup

as a new manager you will take part in the pyramid cup. this competition takes the format of the real life champions league, you will be placed in a group of 4 to 6 managers playing everyone twice the top two managers will progress ot the knock-out stages which are played over two legs until the final which is a one off match played in the last gameweek of the season

new life cup

if you finish 3rd in your group in the champions league or pyramid cup you will go into the new life cup, similar to the europa cup in real football. this competition will a knockout competition over two legs with the final being one off match played in the last gameweek of the season

to enter fantasy challenge costs 30 and you get a 1 in 4 chance of winning your entrance fee back in the super20 league, also there is prize money for all the other competitions as well

prize money

managers are not only competing in the usual fantasy league, where most points gained over the season wins the league, but are also entered other competitions as well with prize money on offer to the winners!

promotion and relegation

the main competition is the super20 where managers are divided into leagues and a fixture list is drawn up. each manager plays each other both home and away in the course of the season. as in real football points are awarded for winning and drawing. also in super20 we have promotion and relegation so there is always something to play for.

cup competitions

in addition to the exciting super20 there are two cup competitions. the fantasy challenge cup is a straight forward knock-out competition and also the champions league which follows a similar format to the real competition. we also run the pyramid cup competition for managers in the lower leagues this follows the same format as the champions league.